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Solarus concentrating photovoltaic thermal collectors in South Africa

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Solarus Renewables AB is a research and development company within renewable and sustainable energy production and energy systems. Solarus Renewables AB is world leading in the development of photovoltaic thermal solar collectors (PVT).

Solarus Renewables AB was founded in Sweden in 2017 as a subsidiary company to Solarus Sunpower Holding AB. Solarus is established with six different companies in four countries Sweden, USA, The Netherlands and South Africa. A seventh company is under formation in Cyprus.

Solar energy is a growing market where Solarus concentrating collectors have been installed in over 100 locations in 28 countries on 4 continents.


Around one and a half hours of sunlight on our earth covers the entire yearly need for energy in the world. Hence, we have no lack of energy on earth, it is just a matter of harvesting the sunlight efficiently and that is the competitive advantage of Solarus.

Solarus PVT collectors utilizes both long-wave sunray for heat production and short-wave rays for electricity. Since only about 23% of the energy in sunlight has wave-lengths that can be used by standard silicon cells, Solarus PVT collectors are far more efficient than ordinary silicon panels. Around 90% of the natural gas that EU imports is used for heating and hot water. Using solar electricity to heat water is inefficient and requires much more sunny space then Solarus collectors and we simply don't have that space in our densely populated areas, not to mention the vast amount of resources needed to produce a large number of traditional solar panels compared to a small set of Solarus collectors.

Solars PVT collectors are an essential ingredient to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and strengthen local energy security. Solarus offers a more efficient transition to a carbon free world with fewer resources and lower cost.