Renewables AB

Solarus Renewables AB (Publ) organisation number 559113-7913

There are 4 235 000 shares in Solarus Renewables AB by 2023-06-22 all having equal part in the equity and one vote each. The nominal share value is SEK 0.22

The largest shareholders as of 2023-03-31 are


Solarus Sunpower Holding AB



Dezet Participaties en Management BV



Navimmo NV



G.H. Braakman



GL add wise AB



Nigel Patton



Richard Golden



Björn Norell



Remaining shareholders


There are 1 262 000 warrants issued out of which;

1 000 000 warrants in series TO2,

262 000 warrants in series TO3.

736 000 warrants in series TO2 are held by the company itself.

If all warrants in both series will be called it will give Solarus Renewables AB SEK 3 149 100.

Anna Eriksmo. Chairman of the board. Mrs Eriksmo also works as chief financial officer at the IT-company Fellowmind in Sweden and is deputy director and investment council at Etikinvest AB (Publ) and former director at Oskarshamns Energi AB.

Mrs Eriksmo has long experience from the energy sector, foremost from the E.ON group in both Sweden and Germany. She started with energy trading, analysis and prognose modelling and went on to investments, controlling and investor relations at the German head office in Düsseldorf. She worked as chief financial officer at Modity Energy Trading with responsibility for risk and compliance. Mrs Eriksmo has also been active in IT-development, business development and innovation and has handled several multinational development projects within EU-Horizon 2020. Anna Eriksmo has a Master of Science in Technical Engineering Physics and a Master of Science in Business and Economics both from Uppsala University and a Master thesis in Computational Chemistry from Western University and studies in Law at Lund University.

Jan Cedervall. Managing director is active as an investor, advisor and board member within renewables and solar energy since 2007 and has worked with research and development within artificial intelligence and IT since early 1990's.

Mr Cedervall holds several positions as board member: chairman of the board in Solarus Sunpower Holding AB, director in Bionomit Public AB, director in Aktiebolaget Ljungskogens Strandbad, director in Fastighets AB Blacks strandrev, director in Anna-Maria Kockums Donationsstiftelse, deputy director in Etikinvest AB (Publ), deputy director in Scana Sverige AB and former deputy director in Renewable Ventures Nordic AB. Jan Cedervall has a Bachelor of Science and research studies in Computer and System Sciences and a Bachelor's thesis in Philosophy both from Stockholm University.

Joao Gomes. Research director, started in this position in Solarus Sunpower Sweden AB in 2010 and has also had the corresponding position in Solarus Sunpower Holding AB and now in Solarus Renewables AB.

Mr Gomes has also worked as senior global project manager at Absolicon Solar Collector and previously worked as a researcher at CERN. Mr Gomes is chairman of the board in MG Sustainable Engineering AB and former director in Clean Industry Solutions Holding Europe AB. Joao Gomes has a Doctor's degree in Philosophy of Science in Energy Systems from Gävle University and a Master of Science in Management of Environmental Systems from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has also studied at VSCHT in Prague and at Cardiff University.

Dick Zijderlaan. Director, is also managing director of the Ohrtocenter group that is part of Dezet Participaties en Management BV being owned and managed by Mr Zijderlaan and the second largest owner in Solarus Renewables AB.

Mr Zijderlaan was managing director of Harting Bank and Pluripharm and for 15 years chief executive officer of Nutsverzekeringen, one of the largest insurance companies in The Netherlands. Mr Zijderlaan has also been chief financial officer at the international dredging company Zanen Verstoep and Verdestein rubber company. Dick Zijderlaan has a degree in Economics and Accounting from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Richard Golden. Director is a real estate lawyer since 1986. Starting in 1997, Mr Golden founded and managed a series of private equity funds with institutional investors for real estate investment in the Baltic States.